About Us

Welcome to NikoBeadsUA

My name is Nataliya and I am the founder of this small business that focuses on providing unique digital beaded jewelry patterns and tutorials. I started this journey in 2019 as a handmade beaded jewelry maker on Etsy and then transitioned to digital patterns. I'm proud to say that most of the patterns you see here are created by my mother who is currently living in an occupied area of Ukraine. My father also plays a crucial role by converting her sketches into handy PDFs that are then sent to me. I take care of all the marketing and SEO, while also working full-time as a Project Manager in the IT industry.

I'm dedicated to bringing you the best of beading inspiration and knowledge. Discover a treasure trove of beading tutorials on my YouTube channel, where I upload new content every other week. Follow me on Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks into my crafting process. Don't forget to explore my blog for handy tips and tricks derived from my own crafting experiences. And if you're seeking inspiration, be sure to check out the stunning photo reviews from talented individuals who have brought our patterns to life. Their creations are a true source of inspiration!

Thank you for supporting our small business. Let's be friends and create something beautiful together!

Nataliya from NikoBeadsUA