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Amanita Mushroom even peyote pattern for beaded bracelet

Amanita Mushroom even peyote pattern for beaded bracelet

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Introducing our vibrant and playful mushroom-themed bracelet design, perfect for lovers of even count peyote beading. With this pattern, you can create a stunning accessory that showcases your creative skills.

To master this project, you'll need a basic understanding of the even count peyote technique. If you're new to this technique, don't worry! Check out NikoBeadsUA on YouTube, where you can witness similar patterns being brought to life and gain inspiration for your own creation.

Upon purchase, you'll receive a convenient PDF file in A4 format. Inside, you'll find a color-coded chart that guides you through the pattern seamlessly. Additionally, a labeled chart and a word chart are included to assist you in every step of the beading process.

The PDF also provides a comprehensive bead legend, detailing the colors, names, and quantities of beads required. While this pattern is specifically designed for Miyuki Delica seed beads size 11, feel free to experiment with different colors and bead variations to suit your personal style and preferences.

Please note that these patterns are intended for personal use only. Sharing, selling, or reproducing these patterns is strictly prohibited. Embrace your creativity, enjoy the process, and let your bracelet shine with this enchanting mushroom design.

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