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Crafting a Monstera Leaf Pendant with Brick Stitch Technique

Are you ready to dive into the world of intricate beading? Whether you prefer step-by-step instructions or video guidance, we've got you covered. Let's embark on this creative journey together!

Getting Ready

🎥 If you prefer a video tutorial, go to our YouTube channel (NikoBeadsUA) to watch "Crafting Jungle Vibes: DIY Monstera Pendant, Keychain & Earrings in Brick Stitch Technique."

📜 To ensure that all copyrights are okay, get the PDF pattern for this project. By the way, you can sell the finished products made using this pattern, but please remember not to distribute the pattern itself.

Let's Bead!

1️⃣ Starting Strong: Begin with the longest row, in this case it's the leaf's stem. We've left out the guess work and pointed it thoughtfully in the PDF pattern, grab it here! Leave half of your thread at the beginning of the first row for later use.

2️⃣ First Row: The very first row is where the magic begins. Craft this initial row meticulously by sewing a series of beads side by side, using a technique known as the ladder stitch. This row serves as the canvas upon which your Monstera leaf pendant will come to life.

3️⃣ Increasing Rows: To start another row with an increase of 1 bead, pull your needle through the closest gap between two beads from the previous row.

4️⃣ Decreasing Rows: To start a row with a decrease of 1 bead, pull the needle through the next-to-closest gap.

5️⃣ Larger Decreases: For larger decreases, pull the needle through the last beads as needed and proceed with either a decrease or an increase based on the situation.

6️⃣ Switch Sides: Transition to the other side of the leaf where you've left a long piece of thread.

7️⃣ Hiding Threads: Carefully hide the thread and trim it away for a seamless finish.

8️⃣ Personal Touch: Add a jump ring to your pendant wherever you think it suits best, such as on the leaf stem.

With these steps, you'll create a beautiful Monstera leaf pendant that embodies the natural beauty of the jungle. Happy beading, and let your creativity flourish! 🌱✨

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